Judy Brownoff:
Saanich Councillor and
Saanich Director, CRD 

I envision a community and a region where people feel connected to each other, enjoy our natural environment and are empowered to build a future for themselves and their families. This is what I strive to create as your voice on Saanich Council and CRD Board.
— Judy Brownoff, Saanich Councillor


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After working with Judy in local, regional and federal politics, for several years , I saw how responsive she is to the community’s needs and concerns. She challenges government  to innovate and improve delivery of services.

Judy is committed to the environment and looks for practical solutions at the local level to climate change adaptation. Judy and I spearheaded an energy challenge between Saanich and Victoria to create awareness in municipal work environments and demonstrate effective ways of reducing  energy use and costs. 

She  has also championed healthy communities that are age friendly and that promote intergenerational  connections. Her work with the WHO “Age-Friendly Cities” initiative illustrates her belief that social connections,  between all ages, lead to a “healthier” community.
— Denise Savoie, Former City of Victoria Councillor, and Member of Parliament - Victoria

connect our communities


conserve our natural environment


build our economy


meet housing needs


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